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This page is a collection of Bible study notes and articles for the purpose of knowing our Lord Jesus Christ in all His fullness and glory.  We seek to understand the scriptures in this order:

  1. What does the Word of God say?
  2. What does Word of God mean?
  3. How does the Word of God apply?
  4. How does the Word of God apply to me?

Answering these questions in the proper order is critical to properly reaching the answer to question number 4 above.  We in no way seek to contextualize anything for the sake of putting it away from us, but for the sake of proper understanding.  Paul wrote to Timothy and told him to study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.  Some have characterized this rightly dividing the word of truth as chopping apart the scriptures so that we have nothing left.  It is nothing of the sort.  We rightly divide or cut straight the truth.  We separate the truth from error.  We understand the words that are said, the context that they are said, to whom they are said, by whom they are said, and to what purpose they are said.  God did not put together a book of jumbled thoughts, but a book of purpose that can be understood.  By this proper understanding, we put away from us any need to change clear meaning of words and sentences to make them to fit our preconceived understanding.  We do not seek to conform the Word and the words of God to fit our understanding, but we ever seek to conform our understanding to the Word and words of God.

The principle where I stand is in the literal interpretation of the scriptures.  God meant what He said and He said what He meant.  God called the holy apostles and prophets to speak His words, and did not leave them to be vague ideas that we would conform to ourselves.  They are exact and timeless.  When God’s Word is properly understood, it will add so much to our understanding of our wonderful Lord.  This is true even if the primary application of them is not to us.  There is one Lord Jesus Christ, and the entirety of scripture is summed up in Him.  He and He alone is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.  All praise and glory is due to His glorious Name.

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  1. Chuck, your words resonate within my heart! “The principle where I stand is in the literal interpretation of the scriptures. God meant what He said and He said what He meant.” This is exactly my firm conviction and how I define the sovereignty of our great God! Looking forward to reading and learning with you, brother!

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