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Grace Resources

Here are some documents that I have collected from several places, either at internet sites or from my own collections.  This list will be updated regularly as I am able.  These are all collected to this site from other sites.  I downloaded them freely, so I have not thought it a problem to pass them along freely.  If the owner(s) of the copyright on any of this material feels that by passing this along I have infringed on their material, please contact me via my contact page so that I can correct that situation.  I have not attempted to steal anyone’s work, but to make known what they wrote.

  1. “The Silence of God” by Sir Robert Anderson
  2. “The Lord From Heaven” by Sir Robert Anderson
  3. “The Coming Prince” by Sir Robert Anderson
  4. “Forgotten Truths” by Sir Robert Anderson
  5. “The Gospel and its Ministry” by Sir Robert Anderson
  6. “Types in Hebrews” by Sir Robert Anderson
  7. “Wrongly Dividing The Word of Truth” by Dr. H.A. Ironside  (Here because #7 and #8 are rebutting it)
  8. “Wrongly Deriding Christian Brethren” by Pastor J.C. O’Hair
  9. “Extreme Dispensationalism Called Bullingerism and a Book Called Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth” by Pastor J.C. O’Hair
  10. “Unscriptural Cathedrals” by Pastor J.C. O’Hair
  11. “Galatians 1 & 2 or Paul’s Defense of His Gospel” by William R. Newell
  12. “Grace” by Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer
  13. “The Kingdom in History and Prophecy” by Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer
  14. Gospel Definition from L.S. Chafer’s “Systematic Theology”
  15. “Moses and Paul” by Pastor C.R. Stam
  16. “Things That Differ” by Pastor C.R. Stam
  17. “Simple as Can Be” by Pastor C.R. Stam
  18. “The Authors Choice” by Pastor C.R. Stam
  19. “No Other Doctrine” by Pastor C.R. Stam
  20. “Tongues, Signs, and Visions, Not God’s Order for Today” by A.E. Bishop
  21. “A Dispensational Theology” by Charles Baker
  22. “A Dispensational Synopsis of the New Testament” by Charles Baker
  23. Bullingers Companion Bible Appendices
  24. “The Mystery — Secret Truth Revealed” by Dr. E. W. Bullinger
  25. E.W. Bullinger’s Introduction to the Thessalonian Epistles
  26. The Translators to the Reader: Preface to the King James Version
  27. Textus Receptus Stephanus 1550
  28. “The Mystery” by Richard Holden

3 thoughts on “Grace Resources Leave a comment

  1. I have composed a book emphasizing the differences and regard we should have for Paul vs Peter. My complaint with the church is their focus on the Four Gospels rather than the Epistles of Paul. The 110,000 book includes Feldick, Samdahl and a few others. I am looking to get this published and hoped you might consider taking a look at it for a review. If you are familiar with Les Feldick, you might enjoy two other books, Romans and Acts, all Feldick. Also a “Why, Paul?” from, Don Samdahl’s blog. I really believe that reading the first book ‘White Lies,Damn Lies, Church Lies” would provide most Christians more Bible understanding than we get in 30 years of Church.
    Please consider.
    I would need an email to forward.
    Yours in Christ

    Jerry Shaw


  2. Awesome website.
    Please i would like to be helped in understanding the gospel of the grace of God message as preached by the apostle Paul.
    Grace and peace.


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