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So here is a confession—

Contrary to my fundamentalist leanings, I have enjoyed rock ‘n roll music over the years. Much of it, I have walked away from because it really is contrary to godliness. But every now and then I hear some song or news about some rock ‘n roller that brings back some memories, good, bad, or indifferent to when I did enjoy it.

I bring this up now because one of my favorites has been in headlines recently. Eric Clapton has been outspoken about his objections government lockdowns and vaccine mandates and has put out some music about it.

One of the songs I heard was made with another “classic”, Van Morrison, called “The Rebels”. In this song, they are wondering where all of the rebels have gone, and show in their video images of famous “rock rebels” of the past and wondering where they are now that governments are being overbearing.

That got me thinking about some things, one of which is the Christian’s relation to government. One thing is for sure, the rebels, unless saved and thereby redeemed by the blood of Christ, are still rebels. I’m also sure that they are just as outspoken about it. The rebellion is not always against government. Mankind’s rebellion is against God. If you are on the side of a government that is against God, you are living as a rebel. If you take a stand for righteousness against that government, that is not rebellion. The powers that be may not see it that way, but there is a difference.

It will be a while before I get to Romans 13 in my ongoing Romans study, but the 50,000 foot view of Romans 13 is not about submitting to any and every whim of government, but about not living as a rebel. You can stand up and do right even if your government tells you wrong and not be a rebel. These “rebels” have wanted a different world order with different acceptable societal norms and they now have it, so what is there for them to rebel against?

While the nations rage and stand against the Lord God and His Christ, we as Christians can take a stand with the rejected Christ while still being good citizens, standing for what is right — “in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world” (Philippians 2:15).

Just a few short comments about current events. A little out of the ordinary from what you all are used to seeing here at Distinguishing Truth, but I thought it was worth saying.


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