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Answering Bob DeWaay

I have added a page to my site that has received a pretty good amount of traffic from search engines.  This page is answering a critic.  He is not a critic that has come to Distinguishing Truth, but a critic that seems to be the “go to guy” when someone is looking to speak against Bible believing Christians such as myself, who recognize the distinctiveness of the revelation that the Lord Jesus gave to Paul as the distinct revelation for the Body of Christ in this Dispensation of Grace.

It is a rather long essay, because it includes the entire article that Mr. DeWaay published as well as my comments.  The article by Bob DeWaay in Critical Issues Commentary goes back to 2008, but came to my attention in 2015, as it was used as the most important article in discrediting certain doctrines that I held and continue to hold.  It is not a quick read, which is why I did not add it as a blog post.  He writes from what seems to be a “Reformed Dispensationalist” perspective, or what seems to be “dispensational in eschatology only”.  That means that he understands a future for Israel, and that is about it.

DeWaay, an “antihyperdispensationalist”, and it seems a disciple of John MacArthur, wrote an appallingly unscriptural and misrepresentative attack against people he determined to be “hyperdispensationalists”…

The page on Distinguishing Truth is here: Answering Bob DeWaay



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