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Gospel Quiz

This is a short, relatively easy test that is perfect for anyone involved in Gospel ministry, especially to kids and teens. It should be pretty straight forward and does likely require an open Bible. I expect most to do pretty well, and I don’t have an answer key. It is for self-edification, and it is to make a point.

  1. What is the Gospel?
    1. Ask Jesus to forgive your sins and make Him Lord of your life.
    2. God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.
    3. Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins.
    4. Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures, was buried, and rose again according to the scriptures.
    5. Ask Jesus into your heart.
    6. Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.
    7. I don’t know
    8. I don’t care
  2. In which part of scripture is the gospel in question 1 found?
    1. The prophets
    2. The Gospels
    3. The Pentateuch
    4. The Acts
    5. Paul’s epistles
    6. I don’t know
    7. I don’t care
  3. Which N.T. writer uses the word “gospel” in all its forms the largest amount of times?
    1. John
    2. Luke
    3. Paul
    4. Peter
    5. James
    6. It doesn’t matter
  4. Who claims ownership of a gospel of which it is said that God is of power to stablish according to it?
    1. Paul
    2. Peter
    3. James
    4. John
    5. All of the above
    6. None of the above
  5. In which section of scripture is the term “body of Christ” found?
    1. The Gospels
    2. The Acts
    3. Paul’s epistles
    4. The prophets
    5. The Pentateuch
    6. The General epistles
    7. I don’t know
    8. It doesn’t matter
  6. To whom was given the dispensation/administration/stewardship of the grace of God?
    1. Paul
    2. Luke
    3. John
    4. Peter
    5. It is irrelevant
  7. Which section of scripture is most neglected in most children’s Sunday School ministries?
    1. The Old Testament
    2. The Gospels
    3. Paul’s Epistles
  8. Regarding the answer to number 7, and in light of the answers to questions 1-6, is this acceptable?
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. It is just good allocation of resources. We just can’t teach everything.
    4. They are too young to comprehend these things, it is best just to entertain them and give them pictures to color.

Now many may say after looking reviewing and either answering the questions that it is a “loaded” quiz.  It is admittedly loaded, but it is to make a point.  One does not even have to have a “dispensational” understanding of scripture to see that neglecting or minimizing the epistles of Paul is neglecting and minimizing the core truths of Christianity.  Many of our “Reformed” brethren know this too. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones has a book series on Romans that is 14 volumes long drawn from his messages at Westminster Chapel from 1955 to 1968.  That is 13-14 years! Now whether it was 13 years interrupted or straight through I am not sure, but it is obvious that he must have thought it was important.

This is not to say that all children and youth ministries do this.  Awana clubs has been good with establishing doctrine from the revelation that the Lord gave to Paul. It is, however, a sad fact that a majority of them do not.  If we neglect the foundation when we begin to build, why are we surprised when the building collapses?



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