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A Silent Heaven

{This is an outstanding quote from “The Silence of God” by Sir Robert Anderson.  It can be found in its entirety in chapter 13 entitled “The Reign of Grace”}

A silent heaven! Yes, but it is not the silence of callous indifference or helpless weakness; it is the silence of a great sabbatic rest, the silence of a peace which is absolute and profound — a silence which is the public pledge and proof that the way is open for the guiltiest of mankind to draw near to God. When faith murmurs, and unbelief revolts, and men challenge the Supreme to break that silence and declare Himself, how little do they realize what the challenge means! It means the withdrawal of the amnesty; it means the end of the reign of grace; it means the closing of the day of mercy and the dawning of the day of wrath.

…grace “came by Jesus Christ,” and with that advent peace and goodwill became the attitude of God to men.

…If God is silent now it is because Heaven has come down to earth, the climax of Divine revelation has been reached, there is no reserve of mercy yet to be unfolded. He has spoken His last word of love and grace, and when next He breaks the silence it will be to let loose the judgments which shall yet engulf a world that has rejected Christ. For “our God shall come and shall not keep silence.” (Psalm 50:3)

{The entire book in pdf format can be found here:}

“The Silence of God” by Sir Robert Anderson

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