An Encounter with a Rabbi

{This is from Sir Robert Anderson’s “Forgotten Truths”, chapter 1.  We quote this because a similar argument that the rabbi in this story uses is used by Islamic apologists, as well as skeptics, and atheists. We would be interested to know how Christians today who refuse to acknowledge the distinctiveness of the revelation to the Apostle Paul would answer a similar challenge.}

THE lapse of time has not effaced from my memory the details of a conversation of many years ago with a liberal-minded and cultured Jewish Rabbi. He introduced himself by telling me that he was a student of the New Testament, and that my friend, the then Chief Rabbi, had recommended one of my expository books to his attention. “We regard Jesus as one of the greatest of our Rabbis,” Continue reading “An Encounter with a Rabbi”

A Requirement of the Offered Kingdom

{This is a quote from Lewis Sperry Chafer in his work “The Kingdom in History and Prophecy”.  The full context of this is in chapter IV of this work, “The Kingdom Offered”}

This kingdom message conforms in another respect, also, to the conditions of the Old Testament kingdom.  There must be a great national heart-turning, or repentance to God as an immediate preparation for the kingdom as seen in the Old Testament (Deut. 30:1-3; Isa. 24:7; Hos. 3:4,5; 14:7; Zech. 12:10-13:1; Mal. 3:7).  Repentance, therefore, became an imperative part of the message concerning the imminency of the kingdom.  Continue reading “A Requirement of the Offered Kingdom”

A Silent Heaven

{This is an outstanding quote from “The Silence of God” by Sir Robert Anderson.  It can be found in its entirety in chapter 13 entitled “The Reign of Grace”}

A silent heaven! Yes, but it is not the silence of callous indifference or helpless weakness; it is the silence of a great sabbatic rest, the silence of a peace which is absolute and profound — a silence which is the public pledge and proof that the way is open for the guiltiest of mankind to draw near to God. When faith murmurs, and unbelief revolts, and men challenge the Supreme to break that silence and declare Himself, how little do they realize what the challenge means! It means the withdrawal of the amnesty; it means the end of the reign of grace; it means the closing of the day of mercy and the dawning of the day of wrath. Continue reading “A Silent Heaven”

Knowing the Lord

When first coming face to face with the Lord of Glory, the persecutor was stopped dead in his tracks, and his question to the Lord was his first act of faith.  He knew it was the Lord.  He needed an answer as to who the Lord was.  The answer provided knowledge, yet must have filled Saul with fear, for it was the very answer he did not want to hear.  He knew that he was the enemy of Jesus, and probably fully expected instant doom.  Yet this answer of grace from our Lord was a foreshadowing of the new dispensation, the reign of grace where God delights to show grace and mercy to the very worst of His enemies.  And this question of “Who art thou?” was Saul’s beginning and the answer was the beginning of revelation to him.

And I [Saul of Tarsus] answered, Who art thou, Lord? And He said unto me, I am Jesus of Nazareth, whom thou persecutest. [Act 22:8] Continue reading “Knowing the Lord”